Why Balance Is This Year’s Best Resolution

The Chinese Zodiac says this is the Year of the Horse, but I want to change your mind. For 2015, let’s make the theme “Balance.” Here’s why.

1. Balance is one of the 10 general physical skills used in CrossFit (and basically any physical activity). In the simplest terms, balance is the ability to control the placement of the body’s center of gravity in relation to its support base. This has huge carryover to performing Olympic lifts and gymnastics. Balance is also one of the most important indicators (along with strength) for long term health. Check out some drills from my buddy Chris Johnson PT to improve your single leg stance for carryover into running, posture and even walking.

2. The balance of muscles between left/right or front/back has huge implications for protecting you from injury. This is where a thorough analysis by a professional (i.e. a physical therapist, like me!) can help identify any issues that need addressing before they spiral into injury. There is an overwhelming body of research showing a relationship between imbalances and injuries. So injury-proof yourself in 2014 by identifying these issues and fixing them.

3. Life is complicated. Make sure you are balancing out all your values and responsibilities to ensure living an optimal life (whatever that means for you!). Making a list of how to balance all these out is a great first step. Consulting with a “life coach” or even trusted confidante to help ensure you are on the right track may be the next step.

So find balance in the New Year. Getting too overloaded in any direction can be hazardous, so continue to reflect and grow and enjoy each day!