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By Amelia Munro

Top Tier CrossFit Columbia – Adult/ Teenager CrossFit

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Sumo Deadlift (5,5,5,5,5)

If you’re feeling spicy today, sprinkle that cayenne on that last set. You know what I mean….

Bent Over Row (5×10)

You probably noticed I’ve been giving you a ton of bent over rows over the last two months. We need those back muscles thick and juicy for the programming in 2019. When people ask “do you even lift bro?”….just turn around and point to those thick tenderloins


Metcon (Time)


4 Pullups

8 DB/KB Thrusters (24/16)

12 DB/ KB Racked Walking Lunge (24/16)
5 min transition between the two WODs. That’s to prepare both physically and mentally. Visualize during your transition how each rep will look in the next WOD, and see each rep completed in your mind with ease. See the workout in your mind before you complete it, and you will find that you perform much better.

Or you could ignore this completely, throw your hands up during the 5 min break, and proclaim this process as witchcraft. While you’re at it, make a social media post criticizing visualization as pseudo – science and tag @toptiercolumbiajason in it so that I get plenty of hateful comments

Metcon (Time)


2 Box Jumps (24/20)

4 Dips

8 American KB Swings (24/16)