Minimal Equipment At Home Workout

Top Tier CrossFit Columbia – Adult/ Teenager CrossFit

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Strength WOD

Metcon (Weight)

Descending Ladder

10, 9, 8,…..1 rep

Goblet Squat with kettlebell or dumbell

Russian Swing with kettlebell or dumbell
Perform 10 squats, then 10 swings. Then perform 9 squats, 9 swings. Continue until done. Try to not put kettlebell down at all

Seated Z-Press (4 x 12)

using dumbells, kettlebells, or any odd objects you can find.

SUPERSET with the rows

Single Arm Row (4 x 12)

Use dumbells, kettlebells, or any odd object you can find


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 rounds of:

3 min of work: 1 minute of rest

20 Mountain Climbers each leg

10 Static Inchworm Walkouts

20 Flutter Kicks each leg

Jump Squats for the remainder of the work period
Score = total reps of jump squats across 4 rounds