What all am I getting out of my membership?


At face value, your membership to Top Tier gives you unlimited CrossFit classes, access to our bi-weekly Barbell Club, and Yoga! That’s right, you’re getting all three of those services for one price!

But you’re also getting highly effective, professional instruction by experts who have proven themselves in the trenches for over 15 years. Combined, we have over 50 years of fitness experience, and are eager to pass our wisdom onto you. Skip the thousands of mistakes that people like you make by trying to train alone. Furthermore, who are you kidding! You aren’t going to be consistent without us. You need professional coaching and the accountability and motivation of a group in order to make sustainable progress. We all do! And finally, do your own homework. Look around your area. Our credibility and success is proven, and our value is unmatched when compared to our competitors. We aren’t interested in stealing your money.

We have a wide variety of membership options designed to meet your specific needs. Please click here to view them.