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Our Coaches

Jason Schreiber

With over 20 years of martial arts experience, overlapping 15 years of competition in strength sports, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the fitness world as both a coach and an athlete. In the athletic world, my list of accolades include gold medals in powerlifting and weighlifting, a black belt in TaeKwonDo and purple […]

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Yvette Schreiber

Throughout high school and college, Yvette was a competitive cheerleader, which laid the foundation for her high level of strength, power, and coordination. Having attempted to perform well in marathons and triathlons after college, she quickly learned that those endurance activities were not where she should focus. After years of ignoring strength training during her […]

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Top Tier Coach Amelia
Amelia Munro

I have been passionate about movement all of my life. I started dancing at the age of four. Throughout my life I have trained in the Cecchetti Method of Ballet, and I recently achieved Grade 7 with High Honors. I continue to teach both formal ballet and other dance forms five days a week. I […]

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Donte London

Not since my days in collegiate track and field have I seen an exercise protocol that is group oriented and focuses so much on mechanics and functional movement. As a masters athlete I cannot emphasize enough the importance of mechanics and functional movement.

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Michelle Rosenfeld

Before partnering with Top Tier Columbia in January 2016, Michelle had a small, fitness studio for 3 years in Columbia wherein she offered small-group and individual training and taught group fitness classes such as TRX, Insanity LiveĀ®, Kickboxing, and BootCamp. In addition, Michelle worked as an independent contractor for 8 years at two other, small fitness studios in Columbia, MD.

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Michael Gordon

Mike has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. He is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer who is passionate about health and fitness. Mike specializes in functional and sports specific training. He is also an awesome motivator for men and women looking to lose weight and make lifelong lifestyle […]

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Alex Miller

An athlete turned coach, Alex focuses on technique and quality of movement above all. He is always learning and inspired by other coaches and athletes to improve. Fun and great movement will always outweigh over the top intensity. In addition, Alex values the community at Top Tier and wants to do everything he can to […]

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Mallory Hostetler

After years of jumping from one fitness regimen to another, Mallory decided to try out CrossFit in 2016. She was hooked. She immediately developed a love for the sport and for the community. In 2017 she began competing, and in 2018 she began coaching. Mallory is a certified yoga instructor as well as a certified […]

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Justin Anderson

Justin believes that a rigorous fitness regimen is not a lifestyle, it is a requirement for a long and healthy life. Fitness affects the body, mind, soul, and how people interact with each other. Justin strives to help everyone meet their fitness goals and show them the extraordinary things their bodies are capable of. When […]

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