At Top Tier, we don’t just focus on fitness.

We teach movement and wellness. Fitness is such a small, incomplete world within the universe of movement. We see the world of fitness as limited with many problems, as evidenced by the separation of disciplines like yoga, martial arts, weightlifting, hand balancing, acrobatics, gymnastics, ballet, etc. People that practice movement never miss anything because their interconnected training prevents weaknesses and limitations, thereby restoring balance to their health.

Movement is for everyone, and anyone can master it. We all deserve the freedom provided by being able to invert ourselves, crawl on the ground, climb, jump, throw, lift, flip, brachiate, dance, and twist. It’s fun and empowering! Top Tier provides an evolving stage on which we get to test the unlimited possibilities of human movement. Our methodology of choice to help you achieve these goals is Functional Fitness. Functional Fitness provides many great disciplines to our universe of movement, and it most certainly cannot be ignored. But with that attention comes great responsibility on the gyms and their coaches to focus on quality movement, mastering technique, mechanics, and position.

movement is medicine

People want to move. They want to be mobile, flexible, agile, powerful, and strong. People are not interested in just bench pressing. At Top Tier, we show you how to achieve that freedom of movement that you desire so badly. We will empower you to seek that freedom through our creative, dynamic, and professional instruction. We will teach you how to become self-dominant, mastering movement with your own body, as well as objects outside of yourself.

Only through mastering the universe of movement can you ever hope to obtain that elite fitness for a lifetime, without injuries, limitations, and weaknesses. We want to show you an old way of living, forgotten by our recent generations. By combining the most recent advances in exercise science, with the wisdom of human history, you will reclaim the life you were meant to live; a life full of health, fitness, and above all, freedom of movement.