8 No-Stress Tips to Jumpstart Your New Years Resolutions

The arrival of the holidays brings many great things but also some unhealthy decisions. Family and friends often comes hand in hand with gluttonous eating and drinking. Most of the weight gained over the holidays stays on, despite the “lose weight” resolutions that invariably follow every New Year’s Day. Year after year, these resolutions yeild the same result. In fact, a 2007 study from the University of Bristol found that nearly 90% of people who made resolutions fail to achieve their desired outcomes.

This year, change your approach and set yourself up for success. With a little organization and help from us, we’ll help you reach your goals through 2015 and beyond.

1. Start Now
This Thanksgiving, while you are thinking about the things you’re thankful for, take some time for introspection. Think about the goals you’d like to set for yourself and make the mental shift.

2. Treat It Like Your First-Ever Resolution
By making specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-targeted (SMART) goals, we greatly increase our likelihood to stick to our goals.

For example, instead of saying “I want to lose weight,” think about about reachable goals that don’t focus on the number, such as, “I want to run a 5k in two months” or “I want to complete a pull up without assistance.” This approach helps gives structure to what can otherwise be a very vague concept.

3. Organize, organize, organize.
Resolutions can quickly become overwhelming. Treat your workout and personal health like you would any other appointment. Schedule it on your calendar. When you know that you have planned to work out for a certain amount of time, it becomes less overwhelming.

4. Don’t look for the quick fix.
The newest two day detox is not the path to lasting change. The greater the effort, the greater the reward.

5. Start small and keep it realistic.
Start with one or two manageable goals and just focus on those. Once you achieve them, make another one. You’ll keep getting better as you set your sights higher.

6. Write your goals down in the affirmative.
Writing them down makes them more tangible and remaining positive keeps you in a better mindset. “I will not each sweets” is a much harder mindset to maintain than, “I will make healthy choices.”

7. Share your goals with someone.
Sharing your goals suddenly holds you accountable for your actions. On rough days, a good friend or family member can always remind you of how far you’ve come. On good days, they’ll be there to give you a high five!

8. Don’t let one bad day derail your resolutions.
Throughout your journey, you will slip up or have a bad day.  Forgive yourself, move on, and make the next choice count!