Dynamic Effort Lower/ Short WOD (8-15)

By Amelia Munro

Top Tier CrossFit Columbia – Adult/ Teenager CrossFit


Back Squat (E2MOM-5)

80% of 1RM for 3 reps

Sumo Deadlift (E2MOM-5)

80% of 1RM for 3 reps

Romanian Deadlift (E2MOM-3)

10 reps with challenging weight


15 minute time cap

Metcon (Time)

Buy In- 100 Double Unders

3RFT of:

5 Single Arm Dumbell/ KB

Ground to Overhead

5 Renegade Rows on each side

5 Single Arm Overhead Lunges

each side

Cash out- 100 Double Unders