By Amelia Munro

Top Tier CrossFit Columbia – Top Tier Weightlifting Club (Barbell Club)

Shoulder Press Complex (Press + Push Press + Jerk; 5+5+5)

Build to a heavy complex of 5 shoulder press, 5 Push Press, 5 push jerk.

Jerk Dip Squat (4×3; paused 3s; ahap (target 110-115% Jerk 1rm))

With the barbell in front rack, perform a squat to the depth of your jerk.

banded lat pull down (4×8-10; seated)

Metcon (No Measure)

KB Plank Drag

4×10 per side (20 total)
Hold a plank position with KB to one side under your rib cage. Pull KB through underneath you to the opposite side and back.

See picture below.