3/13/2017 Olympic Weightlifting

By Amelia Munro

Top Tier CrossFit Columbia – Top Tier Weightlifting Club (Barbell Club)

Snatch (DL+Pull+Snatch; build to Heavy; then 85%x2 complex)

Build to a heavy complex, then complete 2 drop sets at ~85% of your heavy set.

Snatch Grip RDL (Single Leg; 3×8/side; Mod-heavy)

With a snatch/OHS grip, perform a romanian deadlift (near straight leg)
Keep your hips square to the bar/ground and do not extend further than a hip hinge (i.e. don’t round your spine)

Overhead Squat (Build to 1rm)

Make no more than 7 reps/attempts once you reach a “working” weight (~70% of your 1rm if you have it). Be smart about your jumps.

Bulgarian Split Squat (3×8-10/ leg.)

Backrack with rear foot elevated
You can also hold DB/KBs in each arm instead of bar in back rack