Specialty Classes

Think Outside The Box.

Olympic Weightlifting

Lift Like a Pro.

Our Olympic weightlifting courses are designed for those who want to become stronger, more explosive, and increasingly proficient in the Olympic lifts. These courses teach and refine the fundamentals crucial to correctly performing both the snatch and clean & jerk. More strength work focuses on squats, pulling, and overhead movements, rounding out the developing strength athlete with periodized programming tailored to individual needs.

Our expert coaches, world-class facility, and top-level programming form the combination you need to get stronger today!

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Performance Mobility & Boost

Ignite Your Performance.

Your mind might switch gears when you walk into the gym, but your body doesn't have that luxury. Your muscles and connective tissue (or "fascia") can't ignore your previous injuries, unique anatomy, and daily movement patterns to make you move perfectly. 

Our mobility and stability exercises improve your positioning in all planes so you can move confidently as you train for the unknown and unknowable of CrossFit. Performance Mobility gives you 75 minutes while Performance Boost edits that down into an accessible 30-minute class. Both classes use concepts from a wide range of sources – MobilityWOD, Yoga Tune Up, Ido Portal, The Movement Fix, Gymnastic Bodies, kettlebell training and more. Even better, we match our focus with Top Tier's CrossFit programming to really ignite your performance!

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Mobilize Your Body and Mind.

We make yoga and accessible and applicable to everyone: CrossFitters, athletes, AND fitness beginners! Our classes use yoga for stretching and strengthening as well as mobilization exercises to improve your balance, flexibility, and concentration. We want to make you a more well-rounded athlete, whether you're trying to improve your Olympic lifts or just feel better in your daily life. 

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CrossFit Kids

Making Fitness Fun for All Ages.

Top Tier CrossFit Kids pairs fitness with fun and is appropriate for all ages.  We provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means less childhood obesity and all-around better health for our children.  Each child is instructed at his to her level, allowing each child to experience challenges and rewards in every class.

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