Yvette Schreiber

CrossFit Coach / Youth Programming / Owner


CrossFit Level 1 & Level 2
CrossFit Kids
USAW Coach
HKC Kettlebell Coach

Throughout high school and college, Yvette was a competitive cheerleader, which laid the foundation for her high level of strength, power, and coordination. Having attempted to perform well in marathons and triathlons after college, she quickly learned that those endurance activities were not where she should focus. After years of ignoring strength training during her triathlon days, she finally devoted a year to kettlebell training to get stronger and avoid the constant overuse injuries afflicting her. By the end of that kettlebell training, Yvette had no more injuries, and had become stronger and more powerful than most of her male counterparts in her kettlebell classes. The seed was sown, and when a friend told her about CrossFit, Yvette was intrigued. With 2 years of consistent CrossFit training and kettlebell training, Yvette quickly become one of the top female athletes at her box and was given the opportunity to be a part of a regionals team. The way she looks, feels, and functions is drastically superior to her triathlon days, and she gives credit to the consistent strength training. She currently holds a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certificate, Level 2 CrossFit Trainer certificate, Crossfit Kids trainer certificate, USAW Coach certificate, and is also an HKC Kettlebell Coach. Her passion has become sharing her story with females that, “strong is the new sexy!”