Tim Adams

CrossFit / Olympic Weightlifting Coach


Current Certs:
USAW L1 Sports and Performance

I played little league sports as a kid, and ice hockey throughout high school, and as a recreational sport during and after college. I’ve always enjoyed being active, and exploring new hobbies. However, the first job I landed out of college was demanding on my schedule. Unfortunately, time for physical activities – and the interest in doing them after a long day of work – started to take its toll on my health. In 2012, a good friend invited me to a grand opening of a new CrossFit gym in my hometown of Batavia, IL. At the time, it was just what I needed. I could go in for an hour and knock out a workout and feel great. I was held accountable by the community, and developed friendships I hold dear to this day. As it goes, I was hooked.

With that, I have been participating in Crossfit since 2012 and obtained my CF-L1 and have been coaching CrossFit since 2013.

Also, through CrossFit, I was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting and really took a particular liking to it. I love the mashup of absolute strength, skill, technique, accuracy and precision it requires. Where I truly love CrossFit, I completely geek out on Olympic Weightlifting. I’ve participated in quite a few meets, and received my USAW Level 1 Sports and Performance Certificate in 2014 and have been coaching it alongside CF since 2014.

Through all of that, my favorite thing about coaching is connecting with other people. The ‘sport’ is just the common ground by which the connection starts. Helping people break down their barriers whether they’re mental or physical… from simply trying to keep someone safe from hurting themselves (or someone else), to giving the simplest little cue to help a small portion of one movement, to working with an athlete that has the skills but maybe just needs a little help between the ears. I really just enjoy the human interaction coaching affords. It’s truly one of my favorite things.