Donte London

CrossFit / Youth CrossFit Coach


CrossFit Level I

4+ Years Crossfit Adult Coach

CrossFit Kids and Teens

3+ Years Crossfit Kids Coach

35+ years weightlifting experience
Collegiate Track and Field – Colorado State University
Assistant Coach – 2011 Laurel Hurricanes Pop Warner Football – Maryland State Champions

After suffering a false heart attack in 2008, I started doing Crossfit in January 2009 as my workouts at Gold’s Gym became stale and boring. I was attracted to the infinitely scalable workout intensity, workout variety and coaching attention to detail. Now as a masters athlete I cannot emphasize enough the importance of good mechanics and good functional movement, especially if you have a desk job. And by that I mean Crossfit helped me improve my mechanics, mobility and functional capacity more than anything since college. I was so infected by these facts that I decided to find a way to help others make improvements in their lives, both mentally and physically. So I started coaching adults in 2014 and children in January 2015.

If you are an adult with a high stress job, Crossfit will benefit you. If you are a stay at home parent Crossfit will benefit you . If you are a parent with child in elementary school or higher, CrossFit will benefit your child. No school gym or sports program can match the CrossFit regimen, period. Come join me and my coaching colleagues to transform your life, feel the endorphin rush, combat your stress and improve your health. I (we) look forward to see you here at Top Tier Crossfit Columbia!