Aaron Schnetzler

Weightlifting Coach

I have participated in athletics all my life and feel like I have tried just about every sport there is! I was never the most talented athlete, but always tried to be one of the hardest working. I discovered CrossFit in 2007 and got my Level 1 certification in 2010. As an active duty Marine, I have helped run/coach military affiliates in Afghanistan and Japan, and get the biggest sense of accomplishment seeing someone execute a movement correctly for the first time, and/or reaching goals they have set for themselves. I turned my attention to weightlifting in 2013 and that is my current focus. I earned my USAW Sports Performance Coach certification in 2015 and still actively compete at weightlifting meets. I’ll never make the Olympics, but it’s always a good time moving big weights! I look forward to helping the Top Tier community improve their technique and make their CrossFit workouts more efficient (and hopefully a little easier!). Maybe some of you will see the light and join me on the platform!