Stop Icing and Start Moving!

Stop Icing and Start Moving! by Jason Schreiber ( We’ve all experienced soft tissue injuries. Maybe it was your hamstring during a run. Maybe your shoulder went out during your bench press, or when you were throwing a ball with your children. You go to your primary care physician, and what advice do they give …

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Make Your Next Trip a (Healthy) One to Remember

During my travels travels, I’ve out in some great boxes, spent time with excellent people, and endured some good and bad airlines. But mostly, I’ve honed my travel habits to maximize recovery/rest and minimize any disruption to my routine. Here are my finely tuned lessons-learned about the best way to travel.


The ability to adapt and make positive gains in your fitness is entirely congruent with your ability to recover from stressors. When we introduce the stress of working out, the body goes into a state of excitement to accommodate the stress. Systems in the body compensate and need time to return to normality and homeostasis. Allowing proper…